6x Blossom Mochi Pastry Mooncake with Gift Box

6x Blossom Mochi Pastry Mooncake with Gift Box

Looking for that perfect gift to send to someone special to celebrate?

Our Blossom Pastries Mooncake box is the perfect gift!

The puff pastry mooncake known as featuring flaky layers of pastry crust stuffed with a sweet filling. Give a really good adventure for your tongue!


Each of our hand crafted gift boxes include

  • 6 Blossom Pastries Mooncake( mochi & white lotus flavour - the most popular!)
  • 4 Tea sachets

If you would like any amendments made to the items in the box, we will do our best to accommodate.

If you wish to add a message to the box,simply type it into the personalisation section.

f you have questions, please feel free to message us. 

Please contact us directly for your special requests.

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