Smarties Explosion bouquet

Smarties Explosion bouquet

Bouquets make great gifts for any occasion.

Our Bouquets are all handmade to order, all of our delicious chocolates and sweets are secured on platforms and not pierced so are fully edible and fresh as can be.

Extra care is put into the packaging of our bouquets to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Your bouquet will be elegantly arranged by hand and presented inside a gift box with a bow. This is then placed inside a sturdy box for safe delivery.

This Smarties explosive bouquet is packed with the special Smarties iconic bars especially with the limited edition this will show your kindness and love towards any event you wish to present it to 


  • 1 x Smarties Pouch
  • 2 x Smarties Medium Bar
  • 4 x Smarties Tube
  • 8 x Smarties Buttons

The perfect Bouquet gift for any Occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well Soon ...

The Perfect, Tasty Lite Sweet's Gift